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About the Artist

Chicago-based artist, Samantha Bittle, has been immersed in the world of art since she was a child.  Raised by professional artists, she recalls many weekends of her childhood in Maryland drawing or painting alongside her late father, world-renowned airbrush artist Kurt Bittle. 


As a child, Samantha received prizes for her innate talent, with her work being shown in numerous art shows and hung in the Harford County Board of Education. Although she did not receive professional training from a university or institution, her private tutelage from her father coupled with her natural ability and love of the arts drives her to always improve upon her skills.  Working in a variety of mediums, her speciality lies in drawing in digital form or with graphite, colored pencils, or ink. 


A professional harpist, Samantha uses visual metaphors and images to influence her musical interpretations of pieces.


I firmly believe that the most transformative art is “living” - multidisciplinary and innovative, reflecting our transforming society. Within my musical career, I have found performing and experiencing multi-media art to be the most inspiring and impactful. The driving force throughout my career has been the reward of supporting artistic voices within diverse communities of all ages. My formative experiences with the arts initially drove me to pursue performance-based art, yet I have always firmly believed that the performing and visual arts go hand in hand.

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